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Clients Choose us because

Our TESLER Technology Is Constantly Monitoring The World`s Financial Markets , 24/7 Massive Data Crunching Mainframes Are Spotting Patterns In The World Markets . This Allows Normal People Just Like You To Receive An Automated Slice Of The 7.8 Trillion Dollars That Are Traded Every Single Day!
Yesterday 06:28 am
Drugmakers Jump
Pharmaceutical stocks and bonds were among the day’s biggest today, Tesler pounces...
Yesterday 09:45 pm
Financial Uncertainty Creates Opportunity
All markets need volatility in order to survive and it’s better when these massive price changes happen because the Prime Advantage software capitalizes on that to make huge windfall profits !!!
30/09/2020 05:28 am

How to Play the Nasdaq
Prime Advantage analyzes Nasdaq "Lead Patterns" after Kevin Kelly discusses the recent performance of stocks and his options strategy for the Nasdaq 100 Index. Prime Advantage Members make big bank (Source: Bloomburg Press)


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